Every single wedding is completely different and each as every bit as important as the last. I have put together an award nominated style and service to make sure you whole day is captured in a relaxing and fun way. It’ll be a fantastic journey from start to finish and we’ll both have memories to last a lifetime!



Keeping it RELAXED

Having a great relationship with all my couples means that I can keep things relaxed, and that is one of the most important parts of my job ( along with creating amazing images! ).

From the start of the day, until the end. I’m not only there as your photographer, but help everyone stay calm in the morning, to offer to help as the day goes on and i’m always happy to give advice.

Being married myself I know what it’s like!



A Natural Ninja!

I’m what those of us in the industry call a ‘photojournalist’. I’m there to capture your day as it happens, no awkward posing, not fake smiles and over posed shots.


Half of the images I take you won’t even realise I’m there! I even tell my bride and grooms to ignore me and pretend I’m not there! It’s all in the service of getting those fleeting moments, hidden smiles, mischevious guests and most importantly.

Capturing your day exactly as it happens!


Thats not to say that we won’t have any posed shots, I always whisk away my couples to go for a creative photoshoot on the day. A chance for all of us to take a minute to step away and just take in the awesomeness of the two of you being married!


If you book an engagement shoot with me then even better! You will already know how I work and how I’ll have you laughing and relaxed in no time!

My website doesn’t feature many group shots because, truthfully, having a bunch of shots of people lining up looking bored and faking smiles takes ages to shoot and I used to find brides and grooms getting annoyed with a photoshoot that might as well be a conveyor belt and cancelling the rest! You don’t want this, I don’t want this.

Your parents will like them, but it's not their day and don't get the chance to be as creative when focusing on a list of images. I love capturing your guests in the moment, and photograph them as the day goes on.


Thats not to say that I don't do them though! But if we can keep it to 15 minutes and make your family happy but also not have it take over your day then we get the best of both worlds! Sound like a plan?


It’s not all about YOU

(ok, maybe it is)

But it’s also important to me to capture all the little details at you wedding as well! Table decorations, intricate lace, lego cufflinks, funky pocket squares. It’s all there and in perfect detail. They’re your personalisations and are just as important to me as everything else!

Greg & Nikki (504 of 569).jpg

So does that all sound good to you?

(of course it does!)

(ok I am a little biased)

Drop me a message below and we can chat about how amazing you are and how I can capture your awesome day together!