Top 10 Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience at times but it doesn’t have to be! Having been to many through my job and planned my own I know of some useful tips and friendly advice to make things go smoothly :)


1.  Don’t be afraid to do it yourself! 

If you plan your time, there’s no reason you can’t save some money and get crafty. Having an Alice in wonderland theme? Make foam top hats as name cards! Make your own table plan with a charity shop mirror and a chalk pen. Get an old typewriter and use it as a guestbook for everyone to leave messages on.  Make your own centrepieces for the table using old books and decorating them.

There are so many ideas around that almost anything you can think of can be found in a tutorial online and adapted to any wedding! 

Check out my Pinterest feed below for some great DIY wedding ideas. 



2.  Keep to a budget 

Weddings can quickly become expensive! Before you begin set a maximum budget for the whole day and commit to it. You can even challenge yourselves and try to get it under budget as much as possible! 

Wedding costs don’t have to be in the 5 digits, by being thrifty and shopping around you can save a huge amount of money. Especially if you follow the tip above as well :)

That being said though sometimes just booking the cheapest supplier you can find isn’t the best option and with price comes experience and usually an increase in quality. Finding a good balance is key. 



3. Take time to yourselves!

After what can be years of planning, preparation and build up your wedding day goes by so fast that before you know it it’s all over! Give yourselves a little bit of time to yourselves during the day to just soak it all in together and enjoy the moment. Don’t feel pressured to speak to every single guest in the evening if you don’t want to, it’s your day and enjoy it how you want to! 



4.  Get married early(ish) to make the most of the day

Most venues will charge the same no matter if you get married at 11am or 2pm. Echoing the above point you have spent a lot of time planning up to your wedding day. Get the most you can out of it!



5.  Get a wedding album (at some point)

It doesn’t have to be right away but get one at some point or you’ll risk losing the images over time and even not look at them again. It’s the best way to look back on your day and will be an heirloom for generations to come. We live in an age of digital images that are never printed and a lot of them get lost over time. Ensure yours last forever by getting them professionally printed in a high quality wedding album. 

If your budget doesn’t stretch for one be cheeky and add it to a wedding present list! 



6. Book an engagement shoot to help relax in front of a camera

Most people aren’t used to being photographed, so a session before the wedding can be a great way to relax and have some fun in front of the camera. I’ll teach you a few poses that we’ll also do on the day and we have have a laugh together while we talk about your amazing plans at the same time! 

It’s a good way to break the ice and get to know each other too :) 



7. Embrace your quirks! 

Do you have a unique hobby? Maybe you want to bring a mutual interest into your day or just do something unique? This is your chance to have a day all about the 2 of you and show people what you are all about! Want to play laser tag in the evening or have video games there? Do it! Want to represent your favourite tv series or type of music? I encourage all types of quirkyness!

Embrace your mutual weirdness together and have fun with it!  



8. Consider any wastage (mainly food)

One of the biggest wastes after any wedding day is food! A lot of the time it’s due to overestimating how much people will eat but also by just getting caught up in all the options and ending up with too much on offer. Do you need a candy cart AND a doughnut tower? How many tiers are really necessary on the cake? Tailor your amounts to how many guests you expect, this can help with cutting back on a tight budget as well if needed. 



9.  Don’t overplan!

With so many different steps to a wedding and tons of ideas it’s easy to get too bogged down in little details, timings & more that it becomes stressful. If you plan too much something will inevitably go wrong because you’ve overthought it. Keep things to a loose schedule and don’t try to fit too much in otherwise you will spend the day just thinking what should be next and not just enjoying each moment!



10. Most important of all Have Fun!

It’s one of the biggest days of your life so enjoy it! Be yourself and take it one step at a time. Soak it all in, do what you want to do, invite who you want to invite and make the day yours! 



Do you have any tips for other couples? Pop them in the comments below! 

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